martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Visita de J. Carlos Martínez

On 10 May, within the campaign "English from the library, we visited J. Carlos Martinez, who is pulling figures and objects, from traditional to new technologies, and as a recipient to students taking the third cycle, began appearing in English, of course, reinforcing the explanation of your resume with the text on the screen. Entertained after the session with two stories, "The Little Girl inside the pack" and "The monkey princess." To motivate and facilitate their understanding presented in PowerPoint slides vocabulary not only difficult, but the chorus of short songs with which he involve the audience. Given his theatrical experience and his skill with the guitar mixed both skill with gestures, expressions, voice modulations and good English that motivated and attracted the attention of his audience to such an extent that completed their theoretical time, the session continued with the accumulation of farmers to familiarize themselves questions.
Thanks, J. Carlos delight to teach

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